Woodworking the frames

Selecting the wood that we use
Our workshop pays heavy attention to the provenance of the wood used
We favor wood channels that are turned toward responsable forestry and especially those from Europe.

Type of objects made
Scenographic settings manufactured, custom-made or standard moulding lengths, simple frames made with glass, brackets and cardboard boxes. Fabrication de support scénographique, longueur de baguette sur mesure ou standard, cadre assemblé simple sans sous verre, cornière et caisse américaine as well as frames, specific assemblies and special works.

Moulding manufacturing
– Standard mouldings
– Custom-made mouldings

Moulding assembly
– Stapled
– Dovetail
– Pigeon
– Trunnion

We can also manufacture simple assembled frames without glass.

Different types of wood

Our woodworking machinery

scie circulaire multilameMulti-blade circular saw

Used for mitre jointing frames (to assemble 2 pieces of wood, cutting them at a perfect 45° is necessary). This machine can cut the big and small sides, used for series manufacturing.

degauchisseuse Jointer


This machine joins rough wood pieces, make them straight and smooth and perfectly perpendicular.


After preparing the wood at the jointer, the desired surface is chosen and is planed by metal rollers. All the surfaces are perfectly identical at 1/10th of a millimeter.

scie circulaire sur tableCircular table saw

This saw cuts wood panels and moulding up to 5m long. The circular table saw also cuts at 45° angle for custom-made works.

toupieWood shaper

This machine moulds the wood to the desired form (for traditional method woodcarving).



This machine is used to make goove joints, specifically needed to solidly join two pieces of wood.

Plexiglass covers
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