Plexiglass coverings

Like all our products manufactured for  the art industry, our plexiglass covering are tailor made.
Colorless PMMA (Plexiglass, Perspex), polycarbonate… many materials can be used For professionals or individuals, your object and your pieces of art will be promoted and protected.
After a study of the work and the uses considered, the Atelier Mondineu generally makes a proposal using colorless PMMA with thickness from 1 to 25 mm.
Our products range goes from covers, frames, cloches and stands in Plexiglass and Altuglass.
Ideally recommended for exhibitions and art fairs, our covers, cloches and showcases are manufactured in Plexiglass for its transparency and its solidity, without altering the artwork.
Lighter and sturdier than glass, PMMA-based coverings present real advantages for the installation, the protection and the visibility of the work of art.